By Nomfundo Xulu-Lentsoane 

  • Gogo Florence Mpshane, hailing from Limpopo, won’t be participating in the sporting activities of the Active Ageing Programme, but her choir from Tsoseng Batsofe Service Centre will be lending full support to their province, showcasing their traditional music talent at the event.
  • Despite one member’s absence due to ill-health, the 20-member choir, established in 2011, remains committed to representing their community and supporting their team from Makopane in the Golden Games.
  • For Gogo Florence, the choir is not just about music but also serves as a close-knit community where members exercise together, provide emotional support, and strengthen their spirituality through prayer, emphasising the holistic benefits of the Active Ageing Programme beyond physical fitness.

Gogo Florence Mpshane from Limpopo, says although she is not going to be taking part in the sporting activities at the Active Ageing Programme, she and her choir will be fully supporting their province. 

“I am the choir manager of Tsoseng Batsofe Service Centre, and we are here to showcase our talent. As our name suggests, we are about ensuring that older persons get up, show up and be active. We do so through traditional music,” says the 70-year-old. 

Her choir comprises 20 members but unfortunately due to ill-health, one of the members was not able to travel to Mpumalanga where the programme, also known as the Golden Games, is taking place. 

“We will represent her and support our Makopane team. We started our choir in 2011 and have been performing at the Golden Games ever since then,” she said. 

As far as gogo Florence is concerned, the choir is more than just a choir but a community. “We practice our choruses weekly but over and above that, we exercise, motivate one another. The group revives us spiritually as well because we pray daily. We even support each other for family gatherings,” she expressed. 

The Active Ageing Programme aims to encourage older persons to keep fit. It also serves as a networking tool. “Every time we take part in this programme we meet other older persons from various provinces and even get to share ideas on how we can sustain ourselves in our old age,” she concluded.


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