By Sharlene Naiker

  • Jacobus (72) and Rosetta Stadler (69) from the Northern Cape are participating in the National Active Ageing Programme, bringing their enduring love story to the event.
  • Despite facing challenges, including Jacobus being paralyzed from the waist down after a stabbing incident 34 years ago, the couple remains resilient and cherishes the programme as a highlight in their lives.
  • Attending the Active Ageing Programme strengthens their bond as a couple, allowing them to create cherished memories and forge new friendships while celebrating the joys of growing old together.

Northern Cape couple Jacobus (72) and Rosetta Stadler (69) are bringing their love story to the National Active Ageing Programme. 

Married for over four decades, the couple has navigated numerous challenges typical of most relationships. Nevertheless, they concur that the Active Ageing Programme stands out as a highlight for them.

Thirty-four years ago, Jacobus was stabbed in the back and paralyzed from the waist down.  As a professional painter, his whole life changed as he was confined to a wheelchair. 

Rosetta never left his side and together they have embraced “growing old together.”

“Yes, it was a huge shock when I lost my mobility but we accepted it and decided to live a good life. She has always stood by my side and I’m grateful for her,” he said.

They say that attending the Active Ageing Programme each year brings them closer as a couple and allows them to make beautiful memories to share with their family and friends back home in Sutherland.

“This is a great way to honour and celebrate old people. We are grateful for the opportunity to attend and make new friends here, said Rosetta.

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