By Cynthia Radebe 

  • Allen Mahuma (65) from Thokoza, Johannesburg, boasts a remarkable career as a retired miner with 30 years of experience as a Diamond artisan. Despite her demanding profession, she has remained an avid Atlantic runner since her school days, supported by her family and community every step of the way.
  • Passionate about both sports and travel, Allen has seamlessly integrated her love for athletics into her post-retirement life, finding renewed vitality and purpose through running. Her commitment to sports has not only improved her own lifestyle but has also inspired her to initiate youth programs within her community, fostering a vibrant sports culture among younger generations.
  • As she eagerly prepares to participate in the Golden Games, Allen sees this opportunity not only as a chance to showcase her own talents as an older person but also as a platform to realise her dream of establishing a Youth Development Sports Centre. With unwavering determination, Allen envisions a future where children can receive comprehensive training and support to pursue their athletic aspirations.

Allen Mahuma (65) from Thokoza, Johannesburg, is a retired miner who worked as a Diamond artisan for 30 years. She has been an Atlantic runner in passenger ball since school and her family and community have been very supportive throughout her journey. Her passion for Sports and travelling has encouraged her to love sports activities. Her sports journey has developed her relationships with young generations where she started implementing youth programs that will assist with youth sports culture around her community.

Ageing has never stopped her from doing what she loves most and running has improved her lifestyle since retirement. Participating in the Golden Games will bring light to show off our talent as older persons.

“My dream is to see myself running a Youth Development Sports Center where young children can be skilled in various aspects to fulfil their dreams.” Said Allen Mahuma.


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