By Obusitšwe T. Keboněilwe 

  • Despite waking up to persistent drizzle, soaking the football pitches, players maintained their high spirits and dedication to the game’s goals.
  • Four teams, including North West versus Kwa Zulu Natal and Gauteng against Limpopo, took the field simultaneously, adapting to the challenging weather conditions.
  • With matches shortened to 25 minutes per half, the focus remains on the well-being of the elderly participants, promoting active ageing and fostering community connections at the national social development’s two-day sporting event in Mbombela.

Having woken to persistent drizzle, which dampened the football pitches, the players did not allow the slippery weather conditions to dampen their spirits and remained steadfast in their commitment to the game’s objectives.

Noting the lateness of the hour, four teams took to the ground simultaneously, with North West facing Kwa Zulu Natal, while Gauteng tested the resolve of  Limpopo. 

The highly reduced half from the universal 45 minutes to 25 promised to offer entertainment and thrills galore. In these games, results are never top of the agenda, but the wellness of the golden oldies is. The national social development is hosting a two-day sporting festival at the mountainous Mbombela, preaching active ageing. 

The town is abuzz with the greyed head, full of pearls of wisdom that stretch their limbs to keep non-communicable ailments at bay.  While you, our dearest reader, will enjoy reports in other sporting codes, all activities aim to ensure longevity in the health of older persons.  Leading an active life has contributed to life expectancy increasing from 54 in 2003 to 65 as resident Cyril Ramaphosa told the nation at the State of the Nation Address.  Football is not only being played by men, as women’s teams are breaking sweat for the same purpose. Active ageing is continuing to build relations while restoring the dignity and rights of older persons

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