By Lumka Oliphant 

  • Gwendoline Mothiba (75), a retired choir adjudicator from the North West, has joined the active ageing programme for the 2023/24 financial year after a positive experience in Gauteng.
  • Despite arriving late, Mothiba expressed appreciation for the hospitality at the hotel in Nelspruit, although she voiced concerns about the rain.
  • While not particularly interested in sports, Mothiba is enthusiastic about supporting older participants in the games and plans to document her experience to share with her family through WhatsApp.

Gwendoline Mothiba (75) is a retired choir adjudicator for older persons’ choirs in the North West. She initially joined the active ageing programme in 2022 and has rejoined for the 2023/24 financial year games after enjoying her experience in Gauteng. It’s her first time visiting Nelspruit, and she is delighted that the department has afforded her the opportunity to explore the province of the rising sun.

“We have been treated very well and we were comfortable at the hotel though we arrived a little bit late,” she said. The only thing she is concerned about is, “Just the rain although we welcome it.”

Gogo Gwen said she mostly loves music and will be supporting the older persons who will be participating in the games. “I only love looking at sport. Even when I was younger, sport was not my thing,” she chuckled. 

She is looking forward to taking photos to send to her family photos home. “I love WhatsApp and I will send my family voice notes,” she said.

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