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The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has welcomed the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa setting the 2024 National and Provincial Elections date for 29 May.

The President has, in line with section 17(2) of the Electoral act 73 of 1998, consulted with the IEC on the election date.

“This pronouncement of the Election Date provides an unambiguous motivation for the Commission to pull out all the stops in the intensification of preparations for Election Day. The Electoral Commission reiterates its commitment and readiness to ensure a successful 2024 general elections,” the Commission said in a statement.

Furthermore, the President convened a meeting with all nine provincial Premiers and the IEC to discuss the state of readiness for the General Elections.

“It creates certainty for us. It creates certainty for those who want to participate as contestants, be they on party lists or as independent candidates,” said IEC Deputy CEO, Masego Shiburi.

Shiburi said the President announced the date in consultation with the Commission, as that is the statute requirement.

“With each election, the number of competing parties increase. For these elections, we will also have independent candidates and their numbers are still indeterminate because candidate nomination is yet to open.

“Once we finalise candidate nomination, we will be able to print  ballots and make them available in our missions to those who will be voting abroad but mostly importantly, to those who will be voting in the country,” Shiburi said.

The announcement of the Election Date comes after the successful voter registration campaign, which included two general registration weekends, an overseas voter registration drive, campus activations and registration within Correctional Services centres.

The 2024 Elections coincide with South Africa’s celebration of 30 years of freedom and democracy.

President Ramaphosa has called on all eligible voters to fully participate in this important and historic milestone of the democratic calendar.

“Beyond the fulfilment of our constitutional obligation, these upcoming elections are also a celebration of our democratic journey and a determination of the future that we all desire.

“I call on all South Africans to exercise their democratic right to vote and for those who will be campaigning to do so peacefully, within the full observance of the law. We also urge unregistered voters to use the online registration platform to register,” President Ramaphosa said.

According to the IEC, more than 27 million South Africans are registered to vote and 14 million others remain unregistered but are eligible to do so.

The Electoral Commission has reminded South Africans that while the Election Date has been set and announced, eligible voters have until Friday, 23 February 2024 to register. The latter date is the anticipated day of the proclamation of the Election Date.

Unregistered voters and those who need to update their address details can visit their local municipality office, the Electoral Commission or go to the online voter registration portal, or reach the chat bot on 0600 88 00 00 WhatsApp line.

Election Timetable

Following the proclamation of the Election Date, the Electoral Commission will publish the Election Timetable in the Government Gazette after consultation with the National Party Liaison Committee.

The Election Timetable will outline the various cut-off dates for the performance of certain electoral activities. The timetable will include the following:

  • Certification of the voters’ roll.
  • Publication of details of voting stations.
  • Submission of candidates nomination.
  • Submission of notice to vote outside of the country.
  • Applications for special votes.

Meanwhile, the Commission has reminded eligible voters of the general rule in elections. That is, a person must register where they live and vote at the voting station where they are registered.

“The only exception to the rule is that a voter may vote outside of the voting district of registration upon notifying the Electoral Commission by a date to be regulated by the Election Timetable,” the Commission said. –

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