• Free State Social Development runners, including Boichoko Pitso, Colins Sias Delport, and Tsietsi Thakeng, share their personal stories of perseverance and passion as they prepare for the 2024 Comrades Marathon.
  • From overcoming injuries and striving for personal bests to balancing careers and family life, these runners exemplify the spirit of resilience and the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Each athlete, regardless of their experience level, offers valuable insights and motivational advice, encouraging others to embrace the challenge of the Comrades Marathon and lead active, fulfilling lives. 

Boichoko Pitso, 56, Provincial Security Officer:

  • Boichoko ran his first Comrades Marathon in 2016 but did not finish. He completed the down run in 2018 and the up run in 2019.
  • Motivated by a desire to keep fit and challenge himself, he is preparing for the 2024 Comrades Marathon.
  • Boichoko encourages his colleagues, regardless of age, to engage in physical activities and consider running the Comrades Marathon at least once in their lives.

Colins Sias Delport, 48, Qwaqwa Messenger in Admin Support Unit and SCM:

  • Colins ran his first Comrades Marathon in 2019, finishing with a time of 8:46:06 and earning a Bill Rowan Medal.
  • A member of the Free State Department of Social Development Athletic Club, he aims to achieve a silver medal in the 2024 Comrades Marathon.
  • Colins remains loyal to his lucky Adidas attire, believing it brings him success.

Tsietsi Thakeng, 48, Fezile Dabi District Office:

  • Tsietsi began his running journey in January 2023, transitioning from endurance walking to marathons to promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • He plans to complete his first Comrades Marathon in 2024, aiming for a sub-9-hour finish.
  • Tsietsi aspires to run the Comrades Marathon ten times consecutively, inspiring his colleagues to lead active and healthy lives.

Makgethane Nkosi (Dinono), 41, Qwaqwa Social Auxiliary Worker:

  • Makgethane ran her first Comrades Marathon in 2023, finishing in 11 hours and 2 minutes.
  • She looks forward to her first up-run experience in 2024, having developed an interest in running during the 2021 lockdown.
  • Running helps her maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Jeffrey Mokoena, 36:

  • Jeffrey completed his first Comrades Marathon in 2023 and is eager to improve his time in the next race.
  • He finds the Comrades Marathon a beautiful experience and dreams of participating in it ten times.

Makalo Leoatle, Social Worker, Ladybrand Sub Office:

  • Makalo is preparing for his fourth Comrades Marathon, aiming to improve on his past performances.
  • He sees running as a way to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Tsholo Mokhoa, 40-45, SCM Practitioner, Provincial Office:

  • Tsholo started running in 2016 to achieve a healthy lifestyle and fell in love with athletics.
  • He aims to finish the 2024 Comrades Marathon in 9 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Tsholo shares tips for marathon preparation, emphasising a balanced diet, proper sleep, and consistent training throughout the year.

Tumelo Masukela, Provincial Office:

  • Tumelo has successfully completed two Comrades Marathons and is preparing for his third in 2024.
  • He intends to finish within 11 hours and proudly holds race number H 17767.

These inspiring stories highlight the resilience, determination, and commitment of each runner as they prepare for the 2024 Comrades Marathon, embodying the spirit of perseverance and community.


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