Comprehensive Approach to Recovery

While some rehab facilities may not include this element in their programs, others may provide skill development.


Given that addiction impacts individuals of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, it stands to reason that it is highly unselective in its effects on employment or economic development.

As the service users start the healing process, eventually their focus turns to the daily living requirements. As per Mbongeni Zuma from Mzansi Youth in Business, getting a job after recovery from substance abuse can provide special hurdles. It should be noted that unemployment frequently creates a relapse. Clayton Wankal made this comment, saying that it might be challenging to find employment as a recovering substance user because employers sometimes require you to have been sober for five years before they will even consider you.

While some rehab facilities may not include this element in their programs, others may provide skill development.  In a rehab facility, skills development is essential for a comprehensive recovery since it treats the addiction itself and gives patients the resources, they need to live happy, purposeful lives after treatment.

Ms Lindiwe Dlamini, a social worker in private practice said, “An organised and systematic plan that tackles many parts of treatment at different stages is what is required.  The phased method acknowledges that people experience a range of demands and difficulties on their path to recovery.  The stepwise approach adapts interventions to the changing requirements of people undergoing recovery.”

It highlights a comprehensive approach to recovery that takes into account social, psychological, and physical factors to create long-lasting beneficial change. Through the integration of economic growth into the phases of recovery, service users can actively strive for financial stability and independence in addition to treating substance use.

Ayanda Ntimbane from Gauteng stated, “Let us acknowledge that knowledge is power for the service users. By accepting the idea that information is a valuable resource at all times, service users can move through their journey with resilience, purpose, and the potential to build a successful and happy life.”

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