Alu Tshwarisanang co-op member manufacturing aluminium windows

By Matlaba Machete

  • Alu Tshwarisanang, a cooperative owned by young people trained by the Bokamoso Skills and Information Centre, specialises in making and installing aluminium windows in Small Farm, Sedibeng.
  • Founded in 2022 with eight members, the cooperative started after completing a 12-month aluminium course at Bokamoso. Despite challenges in securing clients, they remain determined to expand their business, with plans to diversify into aluminium doors.
  • Engaging in various marketing efforts such as door-to-door visits, Saturday auctions in De Deur, and participation in career expos, the cooperative is also seeking funding from SETA to ensure sustainability and create opportunities for others, emphasising the importance of continuous learning and discipline in their industry.

Alu Tshwarisanang is a cooperative owned by young people trained by the Bokamoso Skills and Information Centre. The co-op is based in Small Farm, Sedibeng, and they specialise in making and installing aluminium windows.

These young people are currently working under the incubation of Bokamoso, who is assisting with mentorship until they are able to run things on their own.

The co-op was founded in 2022 and comprises eight members. The co-op started after they completed their aluminium course at Bokamoso, which took about 12 months. Ntokozo Nhlapho, the Treasurer of the co-op, said, “Because we are still new in the aluminium industry, securing clients is a bit of a challenge, but we remain determined to make our business grow into a success. As part of growing our business into a success, we want to learn how to make and install aluminium doors, as we are currently only specialising in windows.”

As a way of marketing their business, they go from house to house, spreading the word about their service offering. Every Saturday, they exhibit their work at an auction in De Deur. They also attended a career expo this year at Nasrec to promote their work. 

“When we completed our course at Bokamoso, the centre channelled us to an incubator program, which gave us the opportunity to learn about the various dynamics of businesses. The process of incubation gives us hope, it keeps our dreams alive, and it pushes us into pursuing our careers,” said Nhlapo.

He added that they have currently applied for funding from SETA. “With luck and hard work, the funding will ensure the sustainability of our co-op, and it will give us the chance to create opportunities for others.” Tshepo Modungoa, chairperson of the cooperative, said he would like to encourage his peers to not shy away from learning and developing different skills that can help them thrive in this economy. 

“Discipline goes a long way in this industry as we work in people’s homes. Our clients entrust us with the security and safety of their homes, and it’s up to us to build and sustain trust for the eligibility of our business and trustworthiness.”

Since the start of their business, they’ve acquired an estimated 26 clients and one of the biggest profits they have made thus far is an estimation of R9500.

Picture by Staff Reporter

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