By Makhesha Ronewa

  • Ms. Flora Munzhedzi, aged 86 from Krugersdorp Kagiso, took part in the 800-meter athletics event, reminiscing about her pioneering achievements in marathons and other games back in 2006.
  • Despite her age, Ms Munzhedzi maintains her fitness by training at the stadium every day and even runs cross-country with young children, emphasizing the significance of staying active and healthy.
  • Meanwhile, 61-year-old Jane Mudau from Thohoyandou, a women’s 800-meter champion, recounted her journey back to running after a hiatus, highlighting the rejuvenating power of her passion for the sport and her commitment to daily training sessions.

Ms Flora Munzhedzi (86) from Krugersdorp Kagiso participated in 800 meter athletics and shared that she started running. 

“In 2006, in Kagiso where I come from, I was the first person to win a marathon and other games because most people are scared of running 800 meters.”

“To keep fit I go to the stadium every day to train. I’ve been running for cross-country with young kids and I’m still doing it even now just last month I was running with 13-year-old kids and remember cross country is much bigger than this group,” said Ms Flora Munzhedzi.

61-year-old Jane Mudau from Thohoyandou, a champion in the women’s 800 meters, shared that her passion for running began in her youth. Although she had paused her running journey at one point, she was encouraged by a loved one to return to the track, reigniting her love for the sport.

“When I get back to the ground I had to figure out ways on how to become a better runner. I’m not only a runner I participate in all athletics including soccer but running-wise I’m the best because every day in the morning I run for more than an hour sometimes even two and that’s the reason why I look this young” said Ms Jane.

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