By Lonwabo Ganelo

  • The National Development Agency (NDA) highlights the resilience and community impact of Baheso Brick Making and Multi-Purpose Cooperative, situated in Floors Township within the Frances Baard District Municipality, amidst ongoing water scarcity and load-shedding challenges.
  • Established by five determined women in November 2011, Baheso aims to address unemployment and limited access to education by creating employment opportunities and fostering skills development through brick manufacturing.
  • Despite facing obstacles like water scarcity and crime, Baheso has invested in advanced machinery and water-saving methods, supported by NDA’s R582,649.00 grant funding, Department of Social Development, and Economic Development and Tourism, showcasing the transformative potential of grassroots initiatives and the importance of government support in community development.

In the face of persistent water scarcity and load-shedding challenges, the National Development Agency (NDA) shines a spotlight on the commendable efforts of Baheso Brick Making and Multi-Purpose Cooperative, an inspirational cooperative situated at Floors Township within the Frances Baard District Municipality.

Baheso Brick Making and Multi-Purpose Cooperative, established in November 2011 by a group of five determined women, has steadfastly dedicated itself to uplifting the community. Overcoming socio-economic challenges, including unemployment and limited access to education, the cooperative aims to create employment opportunities and foster skills development among residents. Their core business, manufacturing bricks, not only addresses the need for low-cost housing materials but also contributes to economic growth.

The cooperative’s journey has been marked by resilience and resourcefulness, tackling obstacles such as water scarcity, load shedding, crime and limited infrastructure development. In response to these challenges, Baheso has invested in advanced machinery and processes to optimise water usage during brick manufacturing. Through innovative methods, including the recycling and reuse of water within the facility, the cooperative has successfully minimised the impact of water scarcity.

Ms Amelia Seile, a founding member of Baheso, expressed gratitude for the support received from the NDA and other stakeholders. She highlighted their commitment to making quality bricks through alternative water-saving methods and outlined their simple yet impactful plan – to keep making bricks, while contributing to the town’s development.

The cooperative’s transformative journey serves as a testament to the positive impact of grassroots initiatives on local communities. With the creation of permanent employment opportunities for 16 individuals, Baheso has become a beacon of success. Government support, particularly the R582 649,00 grant funding from the NDA and key partners such as the Department of Social Development and Economic Development and Tourism, has played a crucial role in their growth. Investments in automated brick-making machines, delivery vehicles, forklifts, and essential equipment have bolstered productivity and resilience during challenging times.

Baheso Brick Making and Multi-Purpose Cooperative, currently supplying bricks to the local market and surrounding hardware stores, aspires to reach larger markets. Actively exploring alternative, water-efficient brick production methods, the cooperative is keen on utilising waste plastic materials to reduce pollution within their community.

The National Development Agency calls upon stakeholders from diverse sectors to join hands in funding impactful cooperatives like Baheso. By investing in these projects, stakeholders contribute directly to the betterment of society, fostering innovation, creating jobs, and pioneering eco-friendly construction materials.


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