By Lerato Khateane

  • Colleagues bid farewell to Mr Lebogang Tubane as he embarks on a new journey as a Social Worker after serving 11 years as a Social Auxiliary Worker in the Department of Social Development.
  • Despite facing challenges in attempting to secure a Social Worker position within the department, Tubane expressed gratitude for the experience gained and the relationships formed during his tenure.
  • Tubane’s career trajectory included roles at various departmental offices, from the Thusanong building to the Tshepong Victim Empowerment Program, before his final position at the Mangaung Metro District office. His move to the Department of Correctional Service in the Eastern Cape marks a new chapter in his professional life, greeted with well-wishes from colleagues.

Colleagues and friends wished Mr Lebogang Tubane well on his new journey as a Social Worker after serving the department for 11 years as a Social Auxiliary Worker. The journey was not easy but it was worth it, said Lebogang after he attempted to apply for Social Work posts in the department. “I struggled to be recognised because I believed I possessed the necessary skills and experience to be a Social Worker, especially after dealing with cases and family situations in the Mangaung areas I served,” Lebogang expressed with mixed emotions when reflecting on his tenure with district colleagues. Despite his deep affection for the department, he was never given the opportunity to serve as a Social Worker.

Born in Potsane Village, Thaba Nchu, he attended Albert Moroka High School where he completed his Grade 12. He holds a diploma in Business Administration, and after pursuing another diploma in Social Auxiliary Work, he then went on to earn an Honours Degree in Social Work. The year 2008 saw the start of his employment as a call centre agent at Ramothello & Tsotetsi Attorneys which lasted until 2010.

He joined the Department of Social Development as a generic Social Auxiliary worker in 2013. Initially stationed at the district office located in the Thusanong building, which accommodated officials from both Social Development and the previous Social Security (now SASSA), he later transitioned to the Tshepong Victim Empowerment Program (VEP), where he served victims of gender-based violence (GBVF). His final role as a Social Auxiliary Worker was at the Mangaung Metro District office once more.

After providing an invaluable service to the department, Mr Tubane has moved to the Department of Correctional Service at Goodemoed Prison in Aliwal North, Eastern Cape, to work as a Social Worker. All is well said Tubane as his final goodbye to colleagues who also hope that he has a successful new path as a Social Worker in the Eastern Cape, although, his tenacity and resilience when the going gets tough will be missed.

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