New Beginnings: Gogo Deli Mthembu Finds Comfort In Fully Furnished Homes

"Impilo yami ishintshile. Sengiyophuma endlini masekufika isikhathi sami sokuhamba," expressed the pensioner, sharing her heartfelt gratitude for the life-changing opportunity.



Meet Gogo Deli Mthembu, an 89-year-old senior citizen residing in the deep rural area of Mtilombo, Umlalazi Local Municipality in Eshowe, KwaZulu Natal. Gogo Mthembu recently became one of the four beneficiaries to receive a fully furnished home from the Department of Human Settlements, marking a new initiative to bring comfort and joy to elderly individuals living in destitute conditions.

The news of moving into her new home filled Gogo Mthembu with boundless joy. “Impilo yami ishintshile. Sengiyophuma endlini masekufika isikhathi sami sokuhamba,” expressed the pensioner, sharing her heartfelt gratitude for the life-changing opportunity.

In a heartfelt effort to support families facing severe challenges, the Department collaborated with various partners, including Sinopa Construction and Van Tuka Trading. These partnerships aimed to build new homes for those in need, with a primary focus on restoring dignity, particularly among the most vulnerable. Alongside uGogo Deli Mthembu, destitute households in Gauteng, the Northern Cape, and the Western Cape also experienced the transformative impact of this initiative.

Among the beneficiaries are Ms. Dikeledi Albinah Makou, a 56-year-old resident of Nelmapius, Mamelodi in the City of Tshwane, and Ms. Xakiwe Vumazonke, a 62-year-old individual from Ward 3, Emthanjeni Local Municipality in De Aar, Northern Cape. Both individuals, along with their families, depended on social grants for financial support.

The initiative also reached out to 72-year-old Katrina “Aunt Thuli” Sambaba from Mamre in Atlantis, located in the City of Cape. Aunt Thuli endured over 40 years in an informal dwelling without proper sanitation or running water, facing significant challenges with her grandchildren. Notably, Ms. Dikeledi Albinah Makou (56), living with a disability, received a newly constructed, fully furnished home. This residence not only provides a comfortable abode but also ensures a secure living environment for Ms. Makou and her three grandchildren.

The new homes provided to these beneficiaries adhered to the Norms and Standards for disability-friendly housing, equipped with necessary features like handrails, burglar-proofed windows, and doors ensuring security.

Minister Kubayi emphasized the government’s unwavering commitment to swift intervention and the enhancement of living conditions for those facing urgent challenges. The primary emphasis continued to be on addressing the housing needs of elderly citizens, child-headed households, and individuals with disabilities, with the overarching goal of eradicating inadequate living situations.

Minister Kubayi, along with Team Human Settlements, expressed gratitude to the stakeholders and partners whose contributions played a crucial role in this initiative. They eagerly anticipate forging additional private partnerships in the upcoming year. As the year drew to a close, their dedication to establishing sustainable human settlements remained resolute, instilling hope for those still awaiting assistance.

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