By Lerato Khateane

  • The Free State Department of Social Development pays tribute to Mr Isaac Nkoi, a cherished colleague and friend, at a memorial service held at Boikhuco Old Age Home Hall, celebrating his caring nature and profound impact on those around him.
  • Colleagues fondly remember Mr Nkoi as a humble, friendly individual, devoted father, and sports enthusiast, whose willingness to uplift others brought smiles to all who knew him.
  • Mr Nkoi’s legacy of dedication and positivity resonates as colleagues honour his significant contributions to the NPO section’s success, highlighting his unwavering commitment to his duties and his inspirational spirit that continues to guide and uplift us all.

The Free State Department of Social Development commemorated the life of their colleague, Mr Isaac Nkoi, at the memorial service held on Thursday at Boikhuco Old Age Home Hall. Mr Nkoi was a caring, beloved family man, a cherished colleague, and a friend who will be missed by many but never forgotten by all of us who were fortunate enough to have known him.

Colleagues portrayed Nkoi as a humble, friendly, unselfish individual, devoted father, God-fearing, and sports fanatic who was always eager to uplift those around him. His wit and willingness to lend a helping hand always brought smiles to the faces of those who worked with and around him.

To honour his memory, both the provincial and district colleagues mourned their loss by celebrating the impact he had in their lives as a friend and the profound influence he had as a member of the NPO team. Isaac Nkoi joined the department about 20 years ago and has been a dedicated, hard-working official with an unwavering commitment to his duties and someone who has total respect for authority. He served as a shining example to all who had the privilege to know and work alongside him, exuding a contagiously positive energy towards his job.

Isaac Nkoi transcended the role of a mere colleague; he served as a source of inspiration, driving the NPO section’s performance and success despite the challenges of the working environment. Mr Nkoi’s significant contributions to the NPO work environment were notable, even if not always in the limelight. Acting Chief Director of Community Development, Mr Corney Twala highlighted Mr Nkoi’s dedication as essential to the functioning of the Community Development Chief Directorate during the memorial service. 

Isaac Nkoi was truly unique, taking pride in his work and leaving an indelible impact on his colleagues. While he may no longer be with us, his spirit will endure in the cherished memories of colleagues and friends, as well as in the ongoing efforts to develop Free State communities. Rather than mourn his loss, we celebrate his legacy with gratitude. His passion for work and sports, his dedication, kindness, and love for his children will continue to inspire us all.

He would not want us to dwell in sadness; instead, he would encourage us all to embrace life fully. While his loss is deeply felt by everyone, Mr Nkoi embodied life, love, laughter, and unwavering faith, always seeing the best in everything and everyone. His spirit continues to inspire us to live with positivity and resilience.

Let’s honour him by supporting each other to achieve the most in our duties and emulating his qualities of kindness, resilience, camaraderie and compassion.     

To our beloved Isaac, “ We say thank you for your service, your friendship and the countless ways you enriched our lives.” Although much too short, his life was well lived!

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