By Lerato Khateane

  • Life Journey and Contribution: Thapelo Maimane, born in 1949 in Kgubetswana township, Clarens, relocated to Qwaqwa for better opportunities, eventually becoming a miner in Carletonville before returning to Qwaqwa to contribute to the Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) and engage in construction work, notably helping build schools like Lere la Tshepe Teachers College.
  • Active Lifestyle: Despite retiring, Maimane maintains a rigorous daily workout routine of two hours, focusing on fitness and training school children. He is an active member of the Tsotang Luncheon Club, providing health care services to elderly villagers and promoting their well-being.
  • Athletic Achievements and Mindset: Maimane, a two-time medalist in the 400m race at previous Golden Games, remains optimistic about his participation in the upcoming 2024 Active Aging programme, attributing his success to a disciplined diet, positive visualization, and a determined mindset focused on winning.

Mr. Thapelo Maimane born in 1949, was born 75 years ago in Kgubetswana township, Clarens in the Eastern Free State and the tender age his family relocated to Qwaqwa which was a Bantustand at that time for better opportunities and to runaway from the unfavorable white dominated apartheid system and to acquire his education in the 1970 because Qwaqwa was well known for its excellent education with lots of secondary schools and education colleges. He was later employed at Driefontein and West Driefontein mines, in Carletonville as a miner for 5 years. Due to his excellent performance in different sporting activities at the mine his passion for sports gave him the opportunity to be a fitness trainer at the mine.

Ntate Maimane then decided to return to Qwaqwa when he saw  the opportunities of  Reconstruction and Development Program  (RDP)  and  part of his hobbies such as community involvement; he then got involved in construction work where he is proud to have been part of the construction companies where he was part of the people who built (two) 2 schools in Qwaqwa of which one of them is well known as  Lere la Tshepe (Iron batton) Teachers College which has now been changed to skills development training centre until he finally retired.

 His intensive work-out is on daily basis for (two) 2 hours to keep fit and training school children from various primary schools. He joined Tsotang Luncheon Club in Namahadi Village; Qwaqwa which is the luncheon club that assist the village elderly people at their houses with heath care services for frail persons 60 years and older. They also ensure that they maintain and promote the elderly’s status of wellbeing, safety and security.

Ntate Maimane won two – 400m medals during the previous Golden Games in the Eastern Cape and Free State provinces and he will be participating during the 2024 Active Aging programme as the 200m runner and very optimistic about winning again.

Ntate Maimane says his winning secret is eating the correct diet, especially foods with high carbohydrates for breakfast and dinner as well as always visualizing himself as winner, very focused and optimistic about winning.

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