Archived picture of officials giving information during a service delivery blitz in Lehae

By Madali Chibambu

  • The Gauteng Department of Social Development, along with other provincial departments, organised a service blitz at Kokosi Community Hall in Fochville, Mogale City, to provide essential services to residents, particularly targeting youth.
  • Various departments, including Labour and Home Affairs, offered on-site assistance, such as ID applications, job applications, and skills training, addressing immediate community needs.
  • The blitz highlighted the effectiveness of government collaboration in empowering residents with tools and information for personal and professional development.

In a collaborative effort, the Gauteng Department of Social Development, alongside other provincial departments, organised a service blitz at Kokosi Community Hall in Fochville, Mogale City. The service blitz aimed to bring a wide range of essential services directly to the community, particularly targeting the youth.

Scores of residents attended the blitz, seeking information and assistance from various government departments. The Departments of Labour and Home Affairs were notably present, with Home Affairs providing a mobile truck for ID applications and related services. Despite the long queues, everyone received the assistance they needed.

The Department of Labour helped unemployed youth apply for jobs and skills training online, offering a crucial lifeline for those seeking employment opportunities. Additionally, the Gauteng Department of Social Development addressed inquiries about non-profit organisations and provided guidance for individuals looking to take their children or family members for drug rehabilitation, a significant need in Kokosi where drug abuse, particularly of nyaope, is prevalent.

Several residents expressed interest in starting their own cooperatives to train others in baking and sewing, leveraging their skills and experiences to create new opportunities within the community. Among the attendees were Thabo and Lofentse, cousins from Kokosi township who completed their Grade 12 last year. They expressed their challenges in furthering their studies due to financial constraints and missed bursary application deadlines. Their neighbour, a community developer, recommended they attend the service blitz for potential solutions.

“We do not undermine such experiences as this is where we get more information on where to get help. My younger brother applied for his ID card here last year for free since it was his first time. Similarly, our neighbour was hired for a mass gathering after receiving a referral here,” said Lofentse. Thabo has since applied for a government bursary and hopes to receive funding next year. His dream is to study law, driven by a desire to assist those who cannot speak for themselves.

The service blitz at Kokosi Community Hall demonstrated the power of government collaboration and community engagement in addressing local needs and empowering residents with the tools and information necessary for personal and professional development.

Picture from: Archives

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